The state of meditation is a state of deep identification of the inner being. - Swami Niranjanananda


When I found Yoga again, my main motivation was to find a balance to my busy day and to take time out for myself. Yoga gives me the opportunity to calm down completely. It enables me to discover my limits and to work with them. I can relax and have more energy. Quickly yoga became a priority in my life.
During my yoga teacher training yoga philosophy became more important for me. It interests and fascinates me and answers a lot of my questions. Meanwhile, the daily yoga and meditation practice is part of my life.


The conference program Meditation and Science 2012 in Berlin says:
"Today meditation is commonly acknowledged as being helpful. When practiced it has a positive impact on the physical and mental health of many people."
Also "Scientific studies showed that meditation is able to positively support the therapeutic treatment of diseases such as high blood pressure, pain, sleeping disorder, stress related illnesses, cancer, anxiety disorders, substance addiction, depression and psychological disorders."

My meditation classes begin with a breathing (pranayama) exercise followed by mindfulness and visualization meditation or deep relaxation.

My meditation is also available as recording in my shop.