My name is Linda Horn, I am a passionate yoga teacher! I teach Hatha Yoga and Meditation for beginners and intermediates in English and German.

Born in Germany in 1985, I attended my first yoga class as a child. During high school I rediscovered my passion for yoga and meditation. Since then Yoga plays an impor­tant part in my life.

In 2009 I followed my heart! I completed a 500-hour yoga teacher training course with John Ogilvie and a pre- and postnatal yoga teacher training course with Ana Davis, at the Byron Yoga Centre, in Australia.

In Sydney I taught my first yoga students and put my knowledge into practice. The weekly yoga classes and the anatomy workshop with Simon Borge-Olivier inspired me deeply. I learned a lot and further developed my own Hatha Yoga teaching style.
In 2010 I participated in my first Vipassana silence meditation retreat near Auckland in New Zealand. This was a profound experience for me. During my yoga journey I got to know and teach different meditation techniques, such as Mantra and Mindfulness Meditation. I practice Transformation Meditation and completed my meditation teacher training course with Sherry Wade in 2012.

My yoga and meditation classes are tailored to the wishes and needs of my students. The attention to detail and the safe performance of Asanas (yoga postures) are very important to me as it helps my students to experience better body awareness.